The O/owners

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A woman in a position of authority or control.

I am Mistress Kari

As Mistress, My husband, (del) is also My slave. The marriage came from Love and a Mutual respect. I however own and control every part of his being. I also own My girl tia. My slave tia is My personal slave. Both serve Me every moment of every day with extreme obedience. My slaves reside with Me full-time in Southern Delaware at Vikings Castle.

At the age of 18, I had the good fortune live at a training home called Ravenwood. I spent 9 months training under Gorean rule. I quickly moved from a naked girl through the silks up to being My Alpha’s yellow silk kajira. Looking back, I am most grateful for the lessons I learned by both love and whip.

I left Ravenwood and fell in love (imagine that). Unfortunately, I accepted a vanilla man as My husband. After 14 years of a miserable marriage, the ONLY positive thing I had were My children. I left the misery behind Me and divorced in 2006. It was a bitter divorce. His addictions and abuse kept Me fearful of him for many years and I spent the next 10 years raising My children alone.

Once My children became adults, I found Myself in Delaware. I found a BDSM Community local to Me and began attending ‘Munches’. It is where I found My love, My husband ‘del’. The first years I spent teaching My love how to Master Me. I found Vikings Castle in 2016 and fell deeply in love with My ‘dream home’. Del purchased the house for Me and life began to change. I had ballooned up to a very unhealthy 300 lbs and the day My DR announced that I was now a diabetic was My breaking point. The biological father of My children was diabetic, he lost both of his legs due to his addiction of alcohol and del had lost his wife due to complications of diabetes. It terrified Me to think that My children would lose Me. It deeply saddened Me to think that My love would need to go through the loss yet again. I decided to have bariatric surgery.

My surgery went very well. As the weight began to melt away, so did My health issues. It took great discipline to shed 140lbs. I am no longer diabetic, and I am no longer a slave. I have gained complete control of My own self and total control of My surroundings.


a slave is one whom is owned by a Dominant

i am delviking, i am the happily married husband of, and the Proud property of  

Mistress Kari. i am Her head male slave as well as the “Captain of Her Guard”, this means that i am in charge of Her security, safety, and protection.

As Her husband i support Her in all of Her endeavors, as Her slave i am at Her beck and call and answer to Her every wish and/or whim, and as Her guard i protect Her and will do so with my very life if need be.

i have been in the lifestyle for the past 36 years, most of that time was spent “private” meaning enjoying my kinks with other people “one on one”.  About six years ago, i took the bold leap of joining a public munch group, it was then that i discovered that there is a whole big group of people that have similar thoughts and interests as mine.  Early on in my journey with this lifestyle, i was a dominant, but the vanilla women that i “played” with just thought that i was somehow being abusive, so i transitioned to being a submissive and was happy with that. When i met my wife, She was a slave and i resumed being a dominant, taking on the role of being HER Master to provide Her with what SHE needed to feel safe and comfortable. Although i was content in this role, i found it to be VERY stressful for me, my job requires me to be in control of EVERYTHING around me all day, and i really longed to be able to just “let go” of all responsibility after work.

i started this new chapter in my life with Her by resuming my dominant role, my wife and i married and W/we were very happy.  Then, when my wife’s health started to falter due to the complications created by excess weight, She decided to make some drastic changes in Her life to regain control of Her health. These changes worked and as Her health issues alleviated themselves, She became healthier, had more energy, and had a better and more confident outlook on life. As She regained control of Her body, Her self confidence soared, and She found Herself wanting to be in control of everything around Her. One day She said “I love you, but I don’t feel like a slave any longer”, W/we talked about Her feelings, how they had changed, and exactly what Her words meant for HER, and for US.

W/we considered becoming “a TWO dominant household”, W/we have known other couples that have chosen to live that way, unfortunately in Every case that WE are familiar with, this leads sooner or later to a “power struggle” within the couple’s home and/or marriage. i LOVE my wife far too much to let a “title” or a “role” get in the way of O/our happiness, so i told Her that i would become submissive to Her and eliminate any possible power struggles or conflicts in the future. i KNOW that i OWN Her heart, so i Don’t NEED to control Her life!!!

As W/we settled into O/our new roles of Her being dominant over me, W/we were Both surprised at how “natural” it was for Her.  In addition to this, the reduction of stress on ME had some unsuspected health benefits!! my ulcer healed, the pains associated with it disappeared, my anxiety went away, i was sleeping better, and my mood improved drastically.   About this time W/we BOTH noticed that my weight could use a little “help”, She assured me that She could take care of this but that it would require quite a bit of self-discipline on MY part. Since i LOVE food, i told Her that i Didn’t think that i could do it by myself and i Urged Her to take a stronger stance in helping me with this.

W/we talked about it quite a bit, and She suggested Fully becoming my MISTRESS and me becoming Her SLAVE.  While a submissive has the right to “debate” decisions, a slave can Not!

As my Mistress She has Final and Absolute “say so” in All matters, including my eating and exercise habits! i have found this “relinquishment” of authority to be Quite refreshing, especially after a stressful day at work. i feel that i have adjusted quickly and quite well, and i ENJOY serving Her as my Mistress. There is something Very comforting in the feeling of being TOTALLY owned and treasured by Mistress Kari, it’s like knowing that i am Her Prized possession!! i Very Much enjoy O/our dynamic and O/our living arrangement, and at this time i have NO desire to return to my “old ways”    


a slave is one whom is owned by a Dominant

i am tia.

This one grew up in a single-family home as a child and learned how to be extremely independent and rely on no one but herself for anything that truly matters.   

This one met Ubara at a munch while she was with her Ex. this one was still discovering herself and wasn’t really sure where she wanted to be yet in her life. this one was put under Ubara (Alpha at the time) for training seeing as her Ex fancied himself a dominant and wished this one to be better trained and to help her let go of being in charge. Over time the outpouring of love and understanding and guidance from Ubara, this one slowly realized her ex wasn’t a dominant, but was abusive. So this one left one night and went to Ubara and begged to be allowed to stay and grow and learn herself in a safe place.

This one truly enjoys every aspect of her life. she lives to see Ubara happy and content and see the smile that graces Ubaras’ lips when She is completely happy. this one has learned that she is most happy when she can make someone else happy. this one can have everything in the world and have no reason to not be happy and yet, without being able to pleasure someone else, she is not truly satisfied.

This one’s life is very simple and easy. she only has to listen to her Ubara and do as she is told. Since this one has been with Ubara now for over 5 years. So much as become second nature. The simple things, the way tia knows Ubara favorite Paga cup and the way she has learned how Ubara prefers Her paga and the small signs that tia knows means Ubara will want something any second now. When this one’s Ubara has no need or want from this one, tia will work on keeping Ubaras home clean and de-cluttered as much as she can. this one will always believe that there is more to learn to do for her Ubara and there will always be room for improvement.