No politics. No religious debates.

Respect everyone’s differences.


No one under 21 permitted at the Castle!

No outside shoes allowed inside the Castle.

No smoking inside the Castle – only in the designated smoking area.

No food upstairs. Do not feed the Castle beasts.

Clothing is optional in the play space.

No pictures, video, or live streaming

(If you want to film or take pictures, speak with a staff member.)


Do NOT interrupt a scene.

Red means stop.

No means no.

Do NOT touch “Owned Property”

Follow SSC and RACK etiquette.

(Feel free to ask the staff if you need an explanation.)


All donations are gladly accepted.

Bring any safety concerns to the Castle Staff.

Mistress Kari has final say in all matters.

Respect the Castle or be fed to the Dragons.


Have fun and enjoy your visit to Viking’s Castle.