Vikings-Castle is the private home of Miss Kari and Her slave husband delviking-MK as well as Her slave, tia-VC.

Located in Sussex County, De on 3+acres of land. There is plenty of off street parking and plenty of 'wooded' land for outdoor play! The Castle's play space consists of a home theater section with plush leather wrap around couches and theater seating. The theater is equipped with a state of the art surround sound system including blue tooth enabled speakers throughout the play space. There is a wet bar for Y/your hydration needs, along with a pool table available to help Y/you unwind. The play area is equipped with standing stocks, two spanking ponies, two St. Andrews Crosses, a standing 'Go-Go' cage, a kennel (to keep 'furries'), an array of implements , crash mats and several blankets for aftercare needs. The Castle play space also has its own private bathroom. There are plenty of tools, toys, hardware etc available however we recommend that Y/you bring your own toy bag if Y/you have one!

Lodging: The following is located just 10 minutes from Vikings Castle

Vikings Castle PRIVATE RENTALS: VC is available for your private rental. This includes use of ALL equipment in the Dungeon! For more information, Contact Miss Kari.

As Residents of Vikings Castle, it is our wish for our guest to leave happy so that you will continue to come back!!

Have a scene idea? Talk to any one of Us and We will do our best to turn your fantasies into reality.

For SERIOUS inquiries about education and training, OR one on one private scenes. contact Miss Kari, (MissKari-VC)